Applied Political Theory explores the connection between the ideas and concepts of political science and their direct practical application for understanding and solving real world problems of policy and diplomacy.  It is the website of M. P. Ross, author of the forthcoming book, Elsewhere an Immigrant: How Rights of Settlement and Migration are Established through Conflict and Convention.  All content is by M. P. Ross unless otherwise credited.

Launched in January, 2022, this website was originally intended as a platform to promote Elsewhere an Immigrant–to help it along the road to publication, and especially to get its central premise, the general principle of political theory stated in the subtitle, into circulation.  Applied Political Theory refers to this principle in its role as a practical tool for achieving demonstrable results, but the term also suggests a broader scope of topics beyond those explored in the book.  Approached from the perspective of how ideas and their practical application affects outcomes, using it as a framework, in addition to presenting Elsewhere an Immigrant and explaining its concepts, Applied Political Theory will feature Ideas and Essays, and will Review books on related topics.


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