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Applied Political Theory

Political theory is to policy and diplomacy what math and physics are to engineering, and biology and chemistry are to medicine.  It provides the fundamental concepts and language to understand events and craft practical solutions.  In this manner, it is applied political theory.

The editorial intent of this website is to consider topics from the perspective of one or more theories, principles, or models, along with the real-world tools to be derived from them.  No one model completely comprehends a complex situation, but each may reveal what the dominant model omits.

The Book section summarizes my book, introduced in the adjacent post.  Ideas and Essays will present analysis and opinions.  Review is the book review section for upcoming and recently—and perhaps not so recently—published works.


Externalities: A Simple Matter of Pure Economics    04-29-2022


Putin Has Lost    2022 03 27

Sanctions, an expression of Conflict and Convention, impact Russia’s legitimacy, damaging its ability to function in trade, finance, transportation and culture.